Bianca Garcia

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Bianca Garcia

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Get to Know Me

I have been in the service industry for as long as I have been of an age to hold a job. I began working in sales through retail, then moved from retail into the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. My experiences culminated in a move towards real estate. As a young hard working individual, I decided that I wanted to obtain the “American Dream” of owning a home, but I wanted to make the most educated decision about it. Thus, I began working for a Real Estate Broker (Ken Jacobs) who gave me the opportunity to learn that knowledge firsthand. I was encouraged to learn from a wonderful mentor and obtained my Realtor’s License.

What I can offer

I am a fresh head in this industry and will bring plenty of motivation, eagerness, and energy. I work alongside seasoned agents that have the combined knowledge of 50 plus years and am constantly absorbing that knowledge. In addition to that, I regularly read up on market trends and figures.

My experience in providing services gives me the wherewithal to do what it takes to represent you in the highest capacity. Whether it involves delving deeper into issues you are personally concerned about or taking on extra responsibilities that will make any transaction much smoother and manageable for you.

Giving honest, reliable advice is one of the pillars of the foundation of Clocktower Realty. It’s a pillar that I comfortably lean on to strengthen my own personal and business relations. That’s why I promise you in all earnestness that I will be honest and diligent in all my interactions with you.

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When working with any of us, you can expect someone that listens and understands your unique situation whether you’re a first-time buyer, investor or experienced home seller. We strive to keep informed of changing market conditions at all times so as to provide our clients with the best advice to make informed decisions.
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