Negotiating Contracts


Price may not be the most important issue in the contract. Terms, timing and tax issues may become more important towards your bottom line and should be carefully considered. Price and terms become a function of each other – terms will influence the price.

Understanding the Purchase Contract

We will take the time to explain all areas of the eight page purchase offer to you. Our goal is to give you the best, accurate information with which to make informed decisions. No surprises.


Many of the costs associated with selling your home are negotiable with the buyer and specified in the purchase offer. We will explain each of those costs to you in determining your net proceeds based on the terms specified.

Buyer Qualification

If a buyer is unable to fulfill the terms of the contract, you have wasted precious time that your home could be marketed to qualified buyers. We will insure that any prospective buyers are fully qualified to complete the purchase of your property.

Responding to Offers

You have three options when you receive an offer on your property: Accept, Reject or Counter. We will spell out all the alternatives in detail and explain the consequences of any decision fully.

Multiple Offers

If your home receives more than one offer, we will show you the positives and negatives of each and help guide you to insure that you will get the best possible price and terms with the least possible amount of risk.

Work With Us

When working with any of us, you can expect someone that listens and understands your unique situation whether you’re a first-time buyer, investor or experienced home seller. We strive to keep informed of changing market conditions at all times so as to provide our clients with the best advice to make informed decisions.
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